MEPCO Heating Pumps

MEPCO heating pumpsA MEPCO Model E2 or C5 Vacuum Pump is the heart of a steam heating system.

 For either new construction or retrofitting of older systems, the rapid removal of air from the system speeds warm up while reducing fuel consumption.

Over 90 years of. design background and production expertise, along with complete factory testing of each unit in all aspects including its ability to pull 25 inches of vacuum assure product quality and dependability.

 The E2 and C5 units feature MEPCO designed 3450 RPM centrifugal pumps, jet-type exhausters, heavy gauge copper bearing steel receivers with a ten year warranty, and come complete with electrical controls and essential accessories.

The E2 and C5 units are manufactured in simplex or duplex configurations in capacities ranging from 5000 EDR (7.5 GPM) through 65,000 EDR (97.5 GPM).

 The Model E2 does not expose system water to the atmosphere, but does require a make-up water connection to the hurling tank.

The Model C5 uses system water for the hurling tank and thus requires no make-up water connections.






MEPCO Condensate Pumps

Controlled by a tank mounted float switch, MEPCO Condensate Pumps are compact, complete assemblies which return water from atmospheric heating systems, boiler feed systems, low pressure steam process equipment or from any combination. These pumps lift condensate from extremely low to high return lines and can generate impressive fuel savings by returning hot condensate to the boiler or boiler feed pump instead of wasting it to the sewer. Further, by drastically reducing the amount of make-up water required, they conserve boiler chemicals and minimize difficulties from boiler encrustation.

MEPCO condensate pumpModel CRV
The MEPCO Model CRV Condensate Pump is offered in simplex and duplex configurations in capacities ranging from 1000 to 100,000 EDR (2-150 GPM) in pressures from 10 through 50 PSI at 1750 RPM and 10 through 70 PSI at 3450 RPM. Standard steel tanks are available in 10, 16, 24, 33 and 44 gallon sizes, with 70 and 100 gallon optional sizes
available. Cast iron tanks are available in IS, 21, 35, 50, 75 I and 110 gallon sizes. A wide variety of accessories from customized control panels to isolation valves are factory I available with this model.

MEPCO condensate pump Model POTP®
The Pressure Operated Transfer Pump, Model POTP® is designed to move condensate without the use of electricity and return condensate at temperatures above the 21O'F limit 0 conventional centrifugal pumps. This saves energy by reducing flash steam and minimizes maintenance by eliminating electrical panels, starter and accessories. This pump is idea for explosive atmospheres or submersible applications


MEPCO Boiler Feed Pumps

Controlled by the demands of the Boiler Water Level Controller, the MEPCO complete line of Boiler Feed Pumps are fully equipped units designed to efficiently return hot condensate and make-up water. They may be used on low and medium pressure atmospheric heating systems, steam process equipment, or combinations of both. Their use often permits increasing the usable heated space in a building by allowing the installation of radiation below the boiler water level. Performing many of the same functions as a condensate pump, these pumps additionally provide increased storage capacity and automatic make-up response to meet boiler water demands. MEPCO Boiler Feed Pumps are offered in an economy model and a complete premium line in three configurations.

MEPCO boiler feed pumpEconomy Model A WCHVS
The MEPCO Model A WCHVS is composed of a receiver, water make-up circuit and close coupled centrifugal pump. Offered in simplex or duplex, four basic models cover 6000 EDR through 30,000 EDR (9-45 GPM) in 20 & 30 PSI. Standard tank sizes are 94, 150,225 & 300 GAL.
The MEPCO line of Premium Boiler Feed Pumps feature models to meet all combinations of space and temperature requirements (as described below). As standard these pumps are fully equipped with water level and temperature gauges, isolation valves and suction strainers, low water cut-off protection and electrical panels for the control of all pump functions. Covering EDR's ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 (1 GPM to 200 GPM), in pressures from 10 to 250 PSI, these pumps are offered with 9 standard tank sizes from 94 to 1500 gallons and can be equipped with a wide variety of options to meet most any condition or application.

The MEPCO Model A WL(CH) or A WL(TB) is the most popular of the boiler feed line. An elevated tank in an "L" configuration gives unconfined discharge piping opportunities. This pump is especially applicable where temperature of the condensate rather than space limitation is of concern. This unit is available with centrifugal pumps as well as turbine pumps to match the exact GPM and PSI requirements.

MEPCO pump

Model A WPCH
The MEPCO Model A WPCH is especially designed for those applications where height is limited. Its low profile configuration
lends itself to space problem solutions. Refer to Form No. 1412.


MEPCO pumpModel A WICH
The MEPCO Model A WICH is especially designed for applications where temperature and space limitation are both of concern. An elevated tank in an "I" configuration with the pumps tucked within the tank footprint helps with the handling of high temperature condensate while saving boiler room floor space



MEPCO Boiler Feed Vacuum Pumps

Mepco Boiler Feed Vacuum PumpBoiler Feed/Vacuum Pumps Model A WVR
The MEPCO Model A WVR Boiler Feed and Vacuum Pump is a compact assembly that functions both as a vacuum unit and as a boiler feed unit. It is designed for retrofit situations involving small capacity boilers with limited boiler room space. All standard A WVR models are duplex (two air pumps & two condensate pumps). However, simplex, triplex and an unlimited variety of optional air and condensate pump configurations are available. Standard capacities of 10,000 to 16,000 EDR (5 - 60 GPM) and pressures from 10 to 40 PSI, these pumps offer the design flexibility for most special capacity applications and space requirement conditions.


Guardian® Model Pumps

MEPCO Guardian Condensate PumpGuardian Condensate Pump
The MEPCO Model GC (cast iron) and GS (steel) Guardian Condensate Pump is furnished in simplex and duplex configurations for capacity of 12,000 EDR (18 GPM) and pressure of 20 PSI at 3450 RPM. Copper bearing steel tank sizes available are 10 and 16 gallons. Cast iron tank sizes available are 6, 15 and 21 gallons. This pump is factory stocked, and is especially designed to answer standardized needs.

MEPCO Guardian Boiler Feed PumpGuardian Boiler Feed Pump
The MEPCO Model GSB (steel) Boiler Feed Pump is furnished in simplex and duplex configurations for capacity of 12,000 EDR (18 GPM) and pressure of 20 PSI at 3450 RPM. Copper bearing steel tanks available are 44, 70 and 100 gallons. This pump is factory stocked, and is especially designed to answer standardized needs.




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